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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
-Roger Caras



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Contact  information

Located in Huntsville, TX

Mini Smooth Dachshund Puppy page can be viewed by clicking on the photo of the dachshund puppy photo below.  Beautiful, healthy, happy dachshunds come from Hidden Cedars. 

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$750 stud fee to CH females. 

$600 stud fee to Dual Champion Females.      


DC Hidden Cedars Make Ur Mark MS



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Located in Huntsville, TX


rectbluebutton.jpg (2348 bytes) Rising Stars of Hidden Cedars click on button to see others not listed below. 

AM/CA DC Hidden Cedars Big Bang From Texas MS Sheldon is now a DUAL CH.Thank you Chris and Sheldon for the fun memories

CH Hidden Cedars Secret Negotiations MS Whisper finished with FOUR MAJORS now to see if she will hunt

ABS FC Hidden Cedars Lookin 4 Trouble MSP  Trixie is coowned with Lori Isaacson and what an AWESOME HUNTER she has become..Thank you LORI N TRIXIE for the incredible accomplishment of finishing her field title with an ABSOLUTE. This will give her mother FC Hidden Cedars Double Trouble MS, Calamity her ROMX... SO SO Thrilled 


Hidden Cedars Show Quality Dachshunds   For News on our Show Quality Dachshunds click on the dachshunds name and it will take you to their page.  If you don't see the name of the dachshund you are interested in click on the link BELOW 

CHAMPIONS PAGE Gloria LaTour at for recent updates


DC Hidden Cedars Grabbn That Brass Ring MS, Ringer YAHOOOO our 7th DUAL CHAMPION and 22nd Conformation CHampion.. finished with Janice Finney showing her in Dallas under Betty Stites. Cant wait to see the finish photo.  Thank you to everyone for all their support and time. We love our Ringer.

FC Hidden Cedars In Memory of Scout  "Scout" FIRST out of 20 to finish on 2-2-14 in Kirbyville, TX 2 Third placements at Harvest Moon Classic.  4th in Kirbyville for his first Field Trial points on 10-30-10.  Yahoooo Lori and Scout  Our 20th field CHampion.  

FC Hidden Cedars Coronary Rehab Ms, Thumper gets her FIRST with Lori Isaacson handling her in Kirbyville, TX on 2-1-14 out of 26 Open Bitches and also Best Open to finish. 2nd in Roscoe at the Harvest Moon Classic with Lori Isaacson handling her and she voices... Thank you Lori and FC Thumper.


CH Hidden Cedars Hope N 4 The Hunt MS aka Hunter 1-18-14 went W/BW Tim Robbins to finish his conformation title in Rosenburg, Tx.  Shelia Smith for a 3 point major in Glen Rose, TX  Total 15 points Three majors. Now in his lifetime home

Hidden Cedars Jus Sayin MS, aka Gabby 1-5-14 went W/BW under Shelia Smith for a 3 point major in Glen Rose, TX   Total 5 points one major

DC Hidden Cedars Ima Fool 4 U MS, aka "Jester" Got a third out of 14 on 11-23-13 to become Hidden Cedars SIXTH DUAL CHampion.. YAHOOO Jester.

CA CH Hidden Cedars Headed N Rite Direction MS, Garmin won BOB 4 days in a row in Canada and now has his Canadian Title. 12 pts one major for his US title. Thank you Kim Painchaud and hopeful he will have his US title finished soon   

ABS FC Hidden Cedars A Song 4 My Heart MS, aka Melody completed her FC title in three field trials at the Harvest Moon Classic in Roscoe, Illinois. 3rd out of 33, 2nd out of 27 and then First out of 18 and then on to BEST OPEN and ABSOLUTE TO FINISH HER TITLE IN STYLE.  WAY TO MUCH FUN.  What a fun time with my girl.

FC Hidden Cedars Double Trouble MS, aka "Calamity" 12-11-11 went 2nd out of 11 to BECOME A FIELD CHAMPION under Tracy Freeling and Stephan Dumas. FC Hidden Cedars Kiss Me U Fool MS, Smooch FIRST out of 33 to FINISH HER FIELD TITLE under Pat Nance and Bill Dyer at the Harvest Moon Classice in Roscoe, Illinois on 10-11-13.  2-17-13 2nd out of 13 under Bill Dyer and Bob Page for MCDC of San Antonio. 2-16-17 First field trial competition for Smooch and she goes FIRST OUT OF 15 AND BEST OPEN in Kirbyville, Tx MCDC of San Antonio under Rick Schwarz and Vic Moake. DONE!!!

Hidden Cedars Read Between The Lines MSB, aka Annika under great judges showed she is a contender and got a 4th out of 13. Look out she is coming on in the field trials and cant wait to see her work more. Total points 3.2

FC Hidden Cedars The Writins On The Wall MSB, Scribbles gets FIRST AND BEST OPEN to FINISH her title under Bill Dyer/Bob Page. She had some incredible runs.  Scribbles gets a 3rd place out of 14 on Saturday under Bill Dyer/ Lori Isaacson. 

ABS DC Hidden Cedars ManMar Cast A Spell ML  is now how Fredye Dennards sweet Merlin will now be titled.  He won ABSOLUTE at Mission City Dachshund Of San Antonio on 12-16-12 under Bob and Gail Page in Kirbyville, TX.  It was MERLINS FIRST ABSOLUTE and HIDDEN CEDARS FIRST ABSOLUTE  What an awesome little man our sweet Merlin is. This was his SECOND FIRST to make him a Dual and an Absolute was Merlins way HE LIKES TO FINISH WITH A BIG BANG!!! 

Hidden Cedars Winslow gets his FIRST at his first field trial... YAHOOOO and thank you Hinsons for driving 6 hours to Kirbyville, Tx to allow Winslow to show what a great hunter he is.. cant wait to see him do it again!! Total points 13 pts with his first.

CH Hidden Cedars Sweet Summer Song MS owned by Helen Paradise and bred by me is the 16th HIDDEN CEDARS CONFORMATION CHAMPION.  THANK YOU HELEN.

 DC DC Hidden Cedars I Do De Clair MS "Clair" got her Second out of 15 under Victor Moake and Rick Schwarz on 2-16-13 at Kirbyville, Tx with MCDC of SA. Total points: DUALS RULE  

Dachshunds From Hidden Cedars working on their ROM. click here to see who and how they are coming along 

Add-Sims and Sunrise photos and pedigrees   These are some of the dogs that are included in the pedigrees of our dachshunds.

CH DC Hidden Cedars Daddy Baby MS, aka Gemma went WB for a FIVE point major under Laura Abbot at the Sooner Dachshund Club Specalty and FINISHED her conformation title...WB for a 4 point major under Loraine Boutwell on 11-15-13. Then on 11-23-13 Lori Isaacson and Kellye Sletten judging at HDC FIRST & BEST OPEN 15 points at HDC field trial.  Harvest Moon Classic under Kate Snider and Cindy Yeager and got a 4th out of 27 for her first placement in the Field. Total Field Points: DUALS RULE.


FC Hidden Cedars Whos Ur Daddy? MS DNA called back in First at the Harvest Moon Classic under Lori Isaacson and Rick Schwarz and got a 2nd for her first placment in the Field. 2 out of 29. Total field points 28.5 with her first

 CH Hidden Cedars Colors Outside The Lines MSB, aka Tawdry Winners Bitch 8-04-13 in Kenner, La for a 4 point major to FINISH HER CONFORMATION CH under Sandra Hickson.  Winners Bitch at the Sooner Dachshund Club Specialty Club from the 6-9 class for her first point under Bradley Jenkins on 11-16-12. Total 16 Pts both major and #10 from the BBE class Field trial points 33.25 with her first..Needs 3/4 of a point to be a DUAL.


DC Add-Sims Something 2 Talk About MS, aka "Buzz" 10-20-12 went W/BW under Joan Anselm for his second major 3 points and FINISHED in Belton, Tx.   He showed in the 6-9 puppy class at the puppy match and went BEST IN MATCH on 7-30-11.. FUN FUN..Got some very nice comments from both judges and spectators. 9-07-12 Buzz goes W/BW for a FIVE point major under Shelia Smith in Biloxi, MS.. Total points 17 pts Both majors NEW PHOTO of FINISH!!  Now our Buzz has his DUAL title..I am so so thrilled with my wonderful sweet man. He is my heart and hope to add letters to the end of his name with the accomplishments of his AWESOME offspring. . 

FC Hidden Cedars Kiss Me U Fool MS, aka "Smooch" went W/BW from the BBE class in Sinton, Tx under Beverly Capstick for two points. W from the BBE class under Ronald Spritzer for a single in Sinton, Tx Total 8 points.

DC Hidden Cedars Make Ur Mark MS, aka Graffitti is now a DUAL CHAMPION.. He worked great in Ladonia, Tx at DFWDC field trial on 12-08-12 under Ashley Dumas and Shawn Nies to earn his First out of 15 and Best Open. He is my FIRST male DC and Thorns FIRST DC.  I am so thrilled.

Hidden Cedars Torrid Afair MS, aka "Tory" went W from the BBE class in Sinton, Tx both days under JL Stacy and Terry Stacy. Total 3 points

Contact information 


Contact  information

Located in Huntsville, TX

rectbluebutton.jpg (2348 bytes) Mini Dachshund STUDS PAGE  We have our handsome males photos and their pedigrees on this page. Click on button to see the other male dachshunds of Hidden Cedars  We have some lovely FINISHED MALES FOR SALE TO THE RIGHT SHOW HOMES..

$750 stud fee to CH females. 

$600 stud fee to Dual Champion Females.      


DC Hidden Cedars Make Ur Mark MS


rectbluebutton.jpg (2348 bytes)  FC Widgett of Hidden Cedars went third in Ladonia.    Bridgette of Hidden Cedars placed 1st in Kirbyville on 10-31-10 FC Hidden Cedars Hippie Chick MLP  places 2nd in Kirbyville on 10-31-10

FC Hidden Cedars Mara Jade  went NBQ in the FCB stakes at Kirbyville, Tx 10-31-10  FC Hidden Cedars Jango Bling went NBQ in the FCD stakes at Kirbyville,Tx 10-31-10.

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Contact  information

Located in Huntsville, TX

DOG/CAT/PET  BEDS PVC/Polypropylene braidmusabutt.gif (537 bytes)   


CH Hidden Cedars Rocksolid Renewed Hope ML and CH Hidden Cedars Mercedes ML enjoying our PVC dog beds.

 Click on photo for more colors of dog/cat/pet beds

Did your dog shred that new foam dog bed you just bought???   I hate when that happens. Our dachshunds do the same thing so we started making these great PVC/polypropylene braid dog/cat /pet beds. Comfortable PVC/polypropylene braid dog/cat /pet beds for your pets and easy care for you and no shredded foam. Vast array of colors to choose from .. Click on the photo above to find your companion a bed they will love to lay on.



 Belly Bands for the Boy Dogs

NAP SACKS, polar fleece sleeping bags for your pets.  


 musabutt.gif (537 bytes) Click on Photo


DOG/CAT/PET BEDS Polar Fleece sleeping bags for your pets.  This is a new Dachshund Nap Sack located on the beige Page.  Several new prints and colors added.  Our dachshunds just love these dog sleeping bags/beds here at Hidden Cedars.  Check this new pet/dog/cat  bag/bed for your pets comfort.   Click on the photo above to view the vast array of choices available in this ever so soft and comfy bed/bag for your companion pet/dog/cat.

  Print only Nap Sacks  new items on this page


New Craft Item.. Polar Fleece Tie Blankets

check out our new product..Polar fleece tie blanket

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Contact  information

Located in Huntsville, TX

rectbluebutton.jpg (2348 bytes)Just for fun see our gang of goof offs. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy showing them off



Hidden Cedars in Huntsville, TX...

BOARDING AVAILABLE   ......check us out!! 

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This is our sweet granddaughter showing our Hidden Cedars U Fooled Me MS, aka "Jet" to Best in Match at Cypress Creek Fun Match.. click on photo for more of the show!!!  Love the movement on Jet.. 



Grandson and a puppy pile

    ibn_photo.jpg (56916 bytes) This stunning solid blue black purebred Arabian Stallion lives with us and HC Ibn Pompeii is his name. Click on his photo for his pedigree and additional photos and information. Team and /or Single black leather harness is available  

For information call  (936) 344-8852

Gloria LaTour



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