Testimonials for Hidden Cedars Dachshunds

                   from our extended family members

I am attaching some pics of Pepper.  She is still and always the love of my life.  We have a love fest each morning curled up in bed together.  She sleeps with Bob and me and we could not imagine going to bed without her snuggled in between us.  Thanks for seven wonderful years of incredible joy, constant laughter and warm cuddles with our precious baby girl.  Pepper has us trained so well.  Hope all is well with you. 

I just moved from my recliner to the word processor – and my little red shadow is looking askance at me. Nola (for FSU Seminole, but formerly “Connie”)  is a constant companion. I go nowhere, including the bathroom, without her on my heels.

 When I picked her up at the Jacksonville airport, I was worried hugely about an errant decision. Dachshunds have personalities. Yet those big eyes peering out of the little face in that crate would spark a pulse in a stone. She came, reached up, and licked my nose. Bonding was done.

 We spent a few days on the beach where she played with larger dogs and chased gulls, and then home to Tallahassee. Nola has been the perfect companion dog. She isn’t particularly playful beyond wanting to chase squirrels forever and ever, never tiring, and never successful. But she is a love sponge, a tension absorber, and a rag doll. Although incredibly loyal to me, she will lie in the arms of anyone who is attracted to her – toddlers, big kids, adults of all persuasions and sizes –and soak up their affection. She is at home at cocktail parties and in the classroom.

 Oh, yes, she goes to school with me each day and, at a high point Thursday, I was giving a guest lecture to 100 students. “OOOOHHHH!” as she enters the room. Then, quietly in my arms as I do my thing. Then, with their final applause, she licks my nose. How cool is THAT?

 She sits on a chair in my office, next to mine, or retreats to her (open) crate beneath the desk. A parade of folks come to see her every day: The Dean, my Department Chair, the Sponsored Research Administrator, and sundry graduate and undergraduate students and teachers. Twice a day I take her outside and she chases squirrels and sniffs trails. Three times I found her actually “pointing”! Right left leg lifted, head noble, tail straight out back. Right out of Currier and Ives!

 I can get away with all this because she doesn’t bark, pee, or defecate in school, and is so loving, docile, laid back, and behaved… and drop dead gorgeous: Something petite redheads from Texas have known about for years. I am also an amiable full professor who will retire in a year….  And so they let me be eccentric. Nola seems very happy in her new setting. Her health is good, her mood – natch – is wonderful, and she seems imprinted on me and secure in that. Next week we will drive up to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she will be an apartment dweller for two months. I expect that this will be fine with her since I have a park alongside.

 Ms. Gloria, God bless you! 


I am attaching a picture of Nola helping a student figure something out:

 And, her favorite activity, RUNNING!



Flo is the joy and love of our lives.  We can’t imagine what it would be like not to have her.  All of our friends and family love her, too.  In fact, we have to check my sister Pat’s bag every time she leaves to make sure Flo isn’t in it!!!  A photo???  Which one of the hundreds should we send?  We picked this one, but we have many, many more.  We’d be happy to share photos with you as we go along.  Thank you so much for giving us the perfect dog!!

 Pam and Vickie

Here's is one picture of Tera with our son, Jared taken at the park earlier this year.  Tera is looking pretty serious in this photo when usually she is clowning around or giving tons of kisses.  Tera will be 6 in August.  Jared is 5 and our only child.  Jared says that Tera is his sister.  He loves her dearly and she loves him too.  She is really good with him.  Last night I went into his room and he had Tera on his bed with all her blankets and he was reading her a story from one of his books.  It was too cute!  She looked to be listening too.  Tera is the mighty lizard hunter around our house.  She sometimes gets a tail.  She always has that nose to the ground searching.  I will try to forward some more pictures when I can.  We love our little girl, she has truly been a blessing to have in our lives.  Thanks for breeding AWESOME dogs!


I just wanted to write to let you know that Grayson and I could not be
happier with Molly.  She has proven herself to be THE BEST dog that I
have ever owned.  She is so well behaved, well mannered, well
tempered....truth be told, I think that I have only heard her bark a
total of 10 times in the 9 months that we have had her in our lives.
Sometimes I think spending so much time around us and our cat, Kitty,
makes her forget that she has the ability to bark!  She is just
wonderful.  Thank you so much for letting us bring her into our home.

We just recently had a 1 year birthday party for her on April 24th.
We believe that is the correct date- if not, it will be now!  Her best
friend Bagley (a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) came over to
celebrate.  She is SO great with other dogs...big and small alike.  So
friendly and sweet....and fearless!

Thank you again for helping us bring Molly into our lives... we are
the better for it.


Elizabeth and Grayson 

PS.  I've attached a recent picture of Molly.  It is not the best
quality or angle, but I thought you might like to have a look at her-
she is beautiful!  You can't really see her body- but if you can
imagine- she weighs about 9lbs... she's a tiny little thing.  So

Hi Gloria.  It has been awhile since I have contacted you.  I got a wonderful puppy from you in 2003.  I named her Missy, if I remember correctly she was whelped from Masterpiece and Raven.  I wanted to let you know Missy is doing fantastic!!  She is such a joy.  I could not picture our home without her.  Missy is wonderful with kids and loves, loves, loves to play ball.  We get worn out from throwing the ball before she gets worn out from getting it! She is a very adventurous, curious pupper! I am sending you some pictures from our Easter Egg hunt.  Missy joined in on the fun!!  Thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of taking care of her.  Missy has it very well.  Some say she's spoiled, I say is there any other way?  Everyone who meets her always says "If you ever don't want her I will take her."  I just tell them they must be crazy.  Missy truly is the "perfect dog" if there ever was one.  Again thank you for my furry kid.  Danika